Moving forward together.

We, as DEMIL LLC are focused on the progress of growing, gaining and giving together with everything we do. Always on the right track with the right network, with the help of the right people.

Optimized Solutions

With our case based approach, we come up with the best possible solutions for your problems.

Multiple Branches

Our network of partners and expertise allow us work on multiple fields of business with success.

Supplying the Needs

Being in multiple fields helps us and you to be there with you with all your needs.

We’ve always done things a little differently at DEMIL LLC.

We didn’t start in a conference room. Instead, we started on a couch. And we are growing our business in multiple fields and multiple locations.

Not only do these fields serve as our model for consulting, but they’ve created a culture that values team unity and collaboration. We enjoy working together, alongside you, as your partner to create personalized solutions for your business while supplying different markets with our products.

Learn more about who we are, what to expect when working with us, the core values that define us, and the leaders who shape us…

  • With you, we create and deliver business solutions that fit your needs and drive the results you want with the optimal process. 
  • With our products, we achieve to provide different fields while keeping the quality at its highest.
  • To be a valued partner to our clients and a trustable provider to our customers.
  • We will undertake and deliver any project, regardless of size and difficulty, which we pursue with success


The health and reputation of DEMIL depends and thrives on trust, integrity, openness and fairness at all fields of the business.


DEMIL pursue excellence in all we do, harnessing time, talent and resources to drive continuous improvement, repeatable success and exceptional quality.


DEMIL holds our clients and customers that we see as our partners’ interests and needs paramount, building long-term relationships that enrich, enhance and deepen mutual trust, respect, value and success.


We are your partner.

DEMIL offers a full spectrum of services to help our partners reach success. We create standards of excellence, create optimal solutions for your problems and projects, meanwhile supplying the potential markets.


DEMIL offers advice and expertise to organisations or persons to help them improve their business and life in terms of four different aspects.


With the feedback of our partners, every new case gets a better and optimized solution; we succeed together.

We will consult on every aspect of importing and exporting including supplier selection, bonding, contract negotiation, favorable shipping terms, carrier and route selection, US Customs clearance, compliance, warehousing and distribution, as well as any other areas.

DEMIL’s responsibility for analyzing a business, and designing an e-commerce plan to market it, track progress towards goals, and adjust the plan as conditions change.

Having insurance is hard and expensive, especially for people who immigrate. We help with insurance consulting for New York residents. 

We prepare tax returns for clients, or provide information and advice to help clients fill out their own tax returns. We answer your questions, help you prepare for future tax situations, and analyze information to ensure compliance with government regulations.


We serve a project-based business that provides specialized services to help clients bring products or technology or services to our partners needs.


With both of our co-founders being engineers, we trust ourselves with in grounds.

We install, repair, and maintain computer-based control systems that control and monitor a building’s mechanical and electrical equipment including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and energy management systems.

We help you design, create and produce necessary products from CNC machinery which are used to make metal tools and parts. We ensure that the machines are operating correctly and that pieces are cut to perfection.

We create new software applications from scratch. Analyzing and designing full software systems. Using design documentation and flowcharts to illustrate what needs to happen. Working with our team of software developers, designers, programmers, coders, and others to bring great things together.


DEMIL is in charge of the entire product creation process in different fields while discovering and defining a problem, and then empathically designing a solution.


Design is the back-bone of our company, our expertise and talent makes us and our partners thrive.

DEMIL designs and help curating the aesthetics of a website or a brand from logos to fonts and images. We work directly with our partners to help us be on the right on track for the the end product.

We work with clients to discuss all aspects of creating, remodeling, or updating the kitchen area of their home. We help you from the start to finish while discussing building materials, themes, colors, patterns, and room layout.

DEMIL is focused on all aspects of a product’s development, including design, usability, function, and even branding and marketing. Our work touches the entire end-to-end journey of a user’s interaction with a product, and includes identifying new opportunities for the product and business.

Multiple fields of success. All under one roof.

Atahan Demir
Software Engineer

Loves to design and communicate, a provider of solutions and ideas. Experienced in design. programming and management.

Berkay Ilgun
Mechatronics Engineer

With his expertise in sales and mechanical engineering, he loves to help and create new partnerships.